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Shark Takes Story

2 min read

Shark Takes The Synxsole Bait

shark tank group

The next chapter in the Synxsole Orthotic adventure story was written on Sunday night after the inventors bravely dipped not just their toes, but both sets of feet, squarely into Network Ten’s Shark Tank.

With a number of the Sharks circling hungrily, it was HR entrepreneur Andrew Banks who wrested the bait from the others, locking in a deal for 45% of the Synxsole brand.

Synxsole started in 2011 with a unique product to allow podiatrists to provide a customisable orthotic solution to patients and help ease their pain. However, after witnessing the effects of poor off-the-shelf orthotic options on patients coming into their clinics, the inventors  were again spurred into action but needed help to bring a better solution, this time to the retail orthotic market.

Andrew says, “I love the fact that in this huge market, where more and more people are finding out that good shoe inserts are for feet and leg health, that these ‘Synxsole girls’ have found a great therapeutic solution for kids and adults at an everyday price!

Synxsole orthotics can treat and/or manage many painful conditions such as heel pain, arch pain, ankle pain, achilles pain, shin splints, knee pain, hip pain and back pain as well as conditions such as plantar fasciitis and severs disease in Children.

Always read the label, use only as directed and if symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.

Extremely thankful that all their hard work has resulted in this amazing opportunity, Marie and Rachael are sharing this good fortune by linking with Cystic Fibrosis Australia’s 65 Roses Campaign and donating 50% of all online sales for the month of May. Go to their newly launched website and grab your pair of Synxsole Kids and Synxsole Everyday orthotics. Your body and CF Australia will thank you!



Marie Lewis

Rachael Ferguson

Cystic Fibrosis Australia

Kylie Catford


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