Signs you need new Insoles

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We know that once they are worn in, it’s so easy to forget that you even have insoles in your shoes... but when was the last time you replaced them? Like footwear, insoles will wear out from regular use.

These are 4 signs that you need new insoles.

  1. Pain

This may seem really obvious but if you are experiencing pain in your feet, you may need new insoles, but it’s also important to see a podiatrist to ensure that the pain is not caused by a more complex issue.

  1. Your shoes aren’t as comfy as they once were

If your insoles are getting old, your shoes may not feel as cushioning and supportive as they used to be. Even though your insoles may still look in good shape they may have lost the support that you need. You can always put them in an old pair of gardening shoes and replace them with a new pair.

  1. Visible Damage

Rips, tears and cracks in your insoles, is a definite sign that it’s time to replace your insoles, as well as compression.  If you wear your insoles regularly, they will eventually compress and be less effective.

  1. They Smell

There is nothing worse than smelly feet and if your insoles are starting to be on the nose, it’s often a result of a mix of sweaty feet and trapped moisture, which is a sure sign that you need to replace your insoles. You can spray your insoles regularly with an anti-bacterial spray such as Basisto’s Eucalyptus Spray to help reduce odour. 

Here at SynxBody, we recommend replacing your insoles every 6-12 months. We also recommend having multiple pairs for a range of your shoes which will increase the longevity of your insoles.

Is it time you replaced your insoles?

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