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About us-draft

About Us

We believe in making a positive
impact by helping people maintain
active, healthy and pain-free lives.

rachel and marie

Synxsole orthotics, two inventors and a tank full of sharks! What does this unlikely combination have to do with bringing relief to a variety of common complaints including heel pain, foot pain, ankle pain, shin splints, knee pain, hip pain and lower back pain?


We are the inventors, Rachael Ferguson and Marie Lewis, best friends since those first days at Curtin University, WA in 2001. Synxsole is our personally designed and developed range of orthotics. And 2015 is the year we took our future to Network TEN’s Shark Tank.

 Together we had graduated and completed further training in advanced biomechanics, soft-tissue techniques, manual techniques, joint mobilisation, trigger point therapy and acupuncture to complement our biomechanical skills and to provide the best treatment available.


So together we researched, we designed, we made prototypes, we tested, we redesigned, we adapted and finally we registered our product. In 2011, we manufactured our first patented orthotic, Synxsole Pro, for podiatrists, physiotherapists and allied health professionals to use in their clinics. Our Synx-Rx instant customisation system was also developed so that our Synxsoleorthotics could be professionally customised for each of our patients.

But we weren’t done yet! The success of our professional practitioner range made us determined to develop a retail product that could reach the wider community currently experiencing discomfort and pain.

We wanted to be able to offer the regular consumer a functional, affordable and versatile orthotic that would fit a full range of footwear; we wanted to offer an alternative to the often bulky, floppy, unstable or incorrectly supportive options available. In particular, we wanted to provide an orthotic specifically designed for children’s growing feet and their unique issues.

We knew the process and undertook another development cycle in 2014. Our extended orthotic range, Synxsole Kids and SynxsoleEveryday, was ready and waiting to revolutionise the retail orthotic market. But now we needed help.


We recognised that we needed the strategic help of a successful business partner to take our business to the next level and the world! Shark Tank USA and Dragon’s Den UK were already on our ‘most watched’ list and were added to our 2015 travel plans. But then Network TEN announced Shark Tank Australia and we excitedly dropped our bait into the water. Determined to catch ourselves a Shark, we prepared and practised and got our opportunity to share our Synxsole passion.

What an experience that was! On Sunday night (17 May 2015) you may have seen us bravely dip, not just our toes, but both sets of feet squarely into Network Ten’s Shark Tank. With a number of the Sharks circling hungrily, it was HR entrepreneur Andrew Banks who successfully wrested the bait from the others, and became a most welcome investor and 45% shareholder in our Synxsole brand.

Although our bait was snapped up, we definitely landed a huge catch with the extensive business and people expertise, contact base and team of Andrew Banks providing us with the ability to take our passion further. Andrew understands our goals and our product and said, “I love the fact that in this huge market, where more and more people are finding out that good shoe inserts are for feet and leg health, that these ‘Synxsole girls’ have found a great therapeutic solution for kids and adults at an everyday price!”

Join us as we deliver a new level of comfort to people on the move, whether at work, at sports or at play.

Always read the label, use only as directed and if symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.